Urban Art In Liverpool’s Commercial District



A piece of urban art specially designed for Liverpool’s commercial district is now on public display in the heart of the area.

The artwork, which was created during last month’s highly successful Live! at St Paul’s Square event, has been installed on hoardings at the front of 60 Old Hall Street while it awaits redevelopment.

Developed in association with Dot-Art, it will eventually relocate to other parts of the commercial district, including the next phase of the redevelopment of the ground floor at The Plaza building.

Creator, urban artist Simon Mack, is famed for producing mixed media works that explore a wide range of social and cultural themes using materials such as street objects, stencils, gaffa tape, aerosol and acrylic paints.

He says of this piece: “The work continues my pre-occupation and concerns with the effects of the global financial and economic system and how it affects us all.

“Public art should examine contemporary issues and question such issues, be universal but also site specific. My work questions the notion of “progress” and how this message is relayed to us via media, be it state run or
privately owned.”