‘Untitled for Now’ at Urban Coffee

urban coffeeThere’s an interesting new exhibition at Urban Coffee in Smithdown Rd. Several recent JMU graduates have formed a group (as yet, untitled) and this is their first show ‘Untitled For Now’ (you’ll have to do better than that guys). There are several pieces, some I recognise from (or at least related to) this years JMU Fine art Degree Show.
There’s David Tippings photographs of unusual objects, Jemma Egan (mixed media), Annie Houston (‘Tongue Flowers’), Peter Formela (oils & acrylics), Mailini Vivian (small photos), Christopher Mills (acrylics), Michael Aitken (small mixed media), John O’Hare (painted clocks), Amanda Ferguson, Emma Wilkinson (textiles), Katriona Edrich (mixed media), Josh Pennant and Hamish McLain.
Runs until end September.


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