University – Victoria Gallery & Museum


We had a good look around the new Victoria Gallery and Museum at Liverpool University this week. Its now open to the public Tuesdays to Saturdays 10.00 – 18.00 and its fantastic.
They have done a great job of refurbishing the old redbrick building, all the internal tiled walls look in excellent condition and I think we’ll be visiting the cafe there fairly frequently in future.


The first gallery houses the University collection of works by John James Audubon and asks the question ‘How did an illegitimate, bankrupt, self-taught artist publish one of the most valuable books in the world?’ The book itself is in Liverpool Central library and is well worth seeing and there’s a good selection of works here.


Then there’s lots of interesting artworks in the permanent collection rooms. Artists such as Augustus John, Sam Walsh, Graham Sutherland, John Cotman, JMW Turner etc.



The museum in the grand Tate Hall on the second floor houses an interesting array of items linked the various academic departments such as dentistry, vets, archeology, computing (its great to see all those old calculators and adding machines again) and a section on childbirth with a warning that children might find the images disturbing.

Another welcome addition to the Liverpool art scene – and its Free!

University of Liverpool Victoria Gallery & Museum