UK’s Highest Restaurant & Richard Meaghan Artwork

panoramic-1.jpgJust had lunch in the UK’s highest restaurant, well the bar part of it anyway. This, as you have probably heard, is the Panoramic restaurant on the 34th floor of Beetham’s West Tower in Liverpool.

It was sunny when we left home but by the time we arrived it was more cloudy and starting to rain but while we were up there we did see some bright sunshine as well as more dramatic dark clouds travelling at speed from the Wirral side of the Mersey.

The bar is adjacent to the restaurant and provided its not full you can go there for coffee or other drinks and also bar (or ‘finger’) food. Its not cheap, unsurprisingly, £3.90 for coffee or £65 for caviar for example but you’re paying for the whole package and the complimentary olives and rice crackers are delicious.
Great views, of course, despite the clouds. I’d like to go again at night time to see the views of the city lights.

While we were in the building we got permission to go through to the office area on the ground floor to take a look at the painting that Beetham’s commissioned from Richard Meaghan.
Its an excellent large work which seems to illuminate the reception area. We really need more of these commissions for local artists in Merseyside office blocks.
Meaghan has his solo show at View Two opening next Wednesday April 16 2008 from 18.00. The exhibition continues there until May 10th. I’m really looking forward to this one.