UCLAN Degree Show 2007


University of Central Lancashire
Preston PR1 2HE
t: 01772 893372 / 893182

written by Tony Knox
Photography :Tony Knox (c) 2007

Private View: Friday 8th June 2007

Saturday 9th June- 16th June 2007
OPEN 7 days a week 10.00 -16.00

The UCLAN degree show 2007
It’s that time again where the flood gates open and the new graduates are ready to question and embrace the new challenges that may follow, others may follow a different path but here is a section of some of the students with their art.
Some gems where there, Preston may seem a world away, with it’s newly acquired status of a city it questioning it’s identity and that has contributed to a Degree show strength with some character.

Top right to left: Gillian Payne : Blue room installation. Top left : Ingrid Christie with work, this is one of the most developed pieces of the show.

Top Middle : Liverpool artists Arthur Roberts and Barbara Jones visit Left
Top Middle: Tom James Riley with work inspired by comic books on found objects.

Middle: Michael Fahey with his painting, the theme is about communication, Helen Mint with sculpture uses materials that are collected from natural and domestic environment.
Bottom middle : Holly Hone with large painting on paper
Bottom Left :Janet Manoque combines drawing and print based on the Maps from the Battle fields of the First World War