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Turner – The Sea – The Tate

JMW Turner - The Prince of Orange, William III, Embarked from Holland, and Landed at Torbay, November 4th, 1688, after a Stormy Passage exhibited 1832 - © Tate 2005 JMW Turner - On the Coast: Paddlers circa 1820-30  - © Tate 2005

Yes, it is still the year of the sea and Sea Liverpool and I don’t think I can take much more marine-related art but this is JMW Turner and one should never miss an opportunity to admire some original Turners. Apparently, nearly a third of Turners paintings represent the sea, these are just a few from the Tate’s collection.
There are several of his rapidly-executed watercolour studies of sea and sky. I love the contrast between the grand detailed oils and the very simple watercolours.

Turner – The Sea at Liverpool Tate until April 23rd 2006, free admission.