Trees and Hubbub at the Bluecoat


Excellent! Somewhere to just relax with a drink or two and watch a bit of free entertainment or join in an activity or whatever after a day at the office.
It may take a while but I think eventually the Bluecoat may be the place to be after work.
So they’ve called it Hubbub and have organised various things to keep us amused on Wednesday to Saturday evenings 18-20.00

We went to the first event which included the excellent Bootworks Theatre Collective and their their one person auditorium, ‘The Black Box’. (There’s still time to see them at Metal’s Edge Hill pavilion this evening, Friday, 18-20.00)

Drop in after work or before your night out, and you could happen upon quizzes, comedy, acoustic music, book groups, performances, poetry readings, artist film presentations, craft workshops, live art… You name it.

The idea is that Hubbub will take on a life of its own, and do its own thing. If you fancy getting involved you can contact the Hubbub coordinator Sam Beecham on 0151 702 5324,

Meanwhile in the front courtyard there’s a small temporary forest! Trees planted in cardboard boxes. That big metal thing is not a tree, its solar panels to power the lights which illuminate the trees at night. The amount of light depends on how much sun the panels have soaked up during the day so I wouldn’t expect much in this British summer.


This installation goes on 3rd September 2008 to make for for Biennial related stuff, including the much loved caravan gallery, hurrah!

Hubbub at the Bluecoat