Touched and Untouched at the Sandwich Bureau

Independents-logo-150The Sandwich Bureau on Wood St. is a curious place. A few booth areas each with a monitor and paintings on the wall. The monitors were blank when we went so I’m wondering if they show art videos or football, most likely the latter.

There are sandwiches a-plenty, you can even ‘build your own butty’ or have salad or soup as an alternative.

The artworks are a bit unusual too as Susan Brown has recently turned to using Hammerite which gives a hard, metallic effect. There is text too on the theme of being touched spiritually, if the place is unoccupied you can move from booth to booth on a sort of sacred journey.

Touched and Untouched – Susan Brown
The Sandwich Bureau, 60 Wood Street
15.09.2010 – 06.10.2010