Tony Evans at Dot Art

Tony Evans - Liver Bird. Photo: Minako Jackson
Tony Evans - Liver Bird. Photo: Minako Jackson

Whenever you’re in the Castle Street area of Liverpool don’t forget to take a look at the artworks in the windows in Queen Ave. Dot Art has their office there, where you can see more of the art and purchase it too or ask about their valuation service, framing service other artists etc.

Currently there are a few of Tony Evans‘ excellent sculptures. Tony specialises in animals in action using mainly copper and bronze (often recycled) and the work is a result of hours of intense concentration and physical effort. His portrayals of nature capture the spirit and the splendour of a whole menagerie of animals ranging from the simplicity of a frog to the magnificence of a life size Bengal tiger.

‘Metal in Motion’ – Sculpture by Tony Evans”
14 September – 16 October 2009