There’s an Iceberg at the Pier Head!

iceberg image 1 iceberg image 2

OK, not a real one but its a scale model of an actual iceberg and it felt cold enough this morning when I went down there to take a look. I like it, I will have to go back at night to see what its like with the lights shining on it. Its there until February 10th 2006.
Here are the full details…

Beyond the Irish Sea is a large-scale sculpture by artist Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, ‘drawn’ using data scanned from an actual iceberg. This stunning sculpture, which also acts as a weather station, was unveiled on Thursday 10 November at 12 noon on the South Lawn of Liverpool Pier Head.
Beyond the Irish Sea is based on the 460 ft deep iceberg,“r11i01


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