The Night We Danced With Yoko Ono


yoko-ono-230.jpgNo pictures from tonight’s performance by Yoko Ono at the Bluecoat as cameras were strictly forbidden but we did get some nice shots earlier in the day. There was a bit of a media frenzy as its was just a quick 5 minute photo shoot with no interviews.

The performance started just after 18.00, we got there nice and early to ensure seats at the front. She started by showing film of her performance at the Bluecoat in 1967 when she invited members of the audience (including a youthful Adrian Henri) to wrap her up in bandages. When the film had finished she re-emerged from backstage covered in bandages and invited the audience to come down an unwrap her. So that was a nice way of connecting the two events.

We also saw videos of Yoko and John being interviewed about their efforts to promote peace through events such as their ‘Bed In’ and singing ‘Give Peace a Chance’. These films were bit long I thought but were a good example of the ridiculous treatment they had from some of the press people at the time. While these films were being shown Yoko sat on a chair crocheting – she’s rather good at that.

She also showed a video of her ‘Walking on Thin Ice‘ song which she finished recording on the day that John was killed. She danced and sort of screamed along to this, you could feel the pain and loss that’s obviously still there.

On the way in we were all given small torches. These are part of her Onochord project, the idea being that you flash your torch in a similar way to morse code to tell people that you love them. So naturally we were all flashing our torches like crazy because everyone loves everyone in Yoko’s world. Then the evening finished with a disco version of Give Peace a Chance and Yoko urged everyone to come down to the front and dance. At first only a few people joined in but it went on for so long that even me & Minako joined in eventually. It was a nice jolly happy clappy way to end.

She also handed Minako a small package that she’d had on stage – it was a pack of Fisherman’s Friend Sweets, she must have noticed my coughing. Thanks Yoko