The Lord Mayor and The Artfinder


Got my first viewing of the new Lord Mayor of Liverpool yesterday. Cllr. Steven Rotheram is one of the youngest Lord Mayor’s in Liverpool’s history and at the Town Hall yesterday he was welcoming a few of his neighbours there for a Tea Party as part of European Neighbours Day.

Later I was back in the area for a viewing at the Artfinder‘s gallery in Queen Ave which is off Castle Street very near the Town Hall. This was an Italian themed evening as the show is all photographs of Italian doorways, (a couple of windows and some steps managed to sneak in there too). If you think that sounds a bit dull then maybe you’ve never enjoyed a stroll round the old streets of Sicily, Lazio or Venice on a hot sunny day. Looking at these prints with mostly brightly coloured but well worn doors you can feel the Mediterranean warmth and light – most welcome on a cold English evening.
These are very inexpensive, mounted and framed limited edition or open edition prints.

The photographer, Ant Clausen, originally from New Zealand but now settled in Liverpool, says “I was originally drawn to the old Italian doors because of the combination of bright colours and distressed textural feel. They’re quite unique, I’ve travelled the world and found nothing like them anywhere else.”

‘Another Door’ by Ant Clausen at the Artfinder’s Gallery until June 28 2008. Open Wednesday-Friday 11-6, Saturday 10-1 and by appointment with the gallery.