‘The Long Way Home’ – Bernard Fallon


You know that generally I’m not a huge fan of documentary photography but I suppose its different when its your own city and from your own childhood era.
So I found these black and white photographs of Liverpool taken between 1966 and 1974 very interesting. There is a lot of focus on the people rather than buildings.

The picture above was taken in 1969 outside a pub in Scotland Road and NML managed to track down the kids in the picture. One of them, Michael Hayden (2nd from right in the old picture) was at the Conservation Centre today to meet Bernard Fallon (left).

I don’t think Michael could really remember the photograph being taken but he remembers all the old friends and his current friends find all this very amusing as you can imagine.

Bernard Fallon was born into a large Irish Catholic family in Crosby, Liverpool in 1949. He pursued his interest in painting and photography at the Liverpool College of Art for four years. After a year at the Leicester Polytechnic School of Photography he worked in London and later moved to Los Angeles as a photojournalist. He has travelled extensively and his work has been published around the world. He has two sons, and divides his time between photography, painting and teaching.

The introduction to the exhibition has been written by Wirral’s Cultural Ambassador Mike McCartney who is also a keen photographer. He says;