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The Loft Space – Poetry Installation

trans_jo_derbyshire_art_001.jpgReview of ‘Poetry Installation’ by Poet/Artist Andrew Taylor, Part Loft Space Project, Liverpool, England, Curated by Jo Derbyshire.
Written by George Lund, Image by Jo Derbyshire.
05 February 2007

The setting is a residential property in the south of Liverpool, with views of Liverpool’s waterfront – the street which has provided the backdrop to films and TV programmes. On entering the property you are taken through the Living room with paintings by Lund and Derbyshire depicting Liverpool’s waterfront. The room upstairs houses a profile of the artist and a photographic image of Derbyshire taken of one of the main roads off Liverpool’s waterfront.

The gallery itself is covered with Taylor’s work stuck randomly to the wall. On an easel in the corner is one of Taylor’s books ‘Cathedral Poems’. Taylor’s poetry as exhibited in this urban setting explores the layers of life and the setting of this renovated house echo’s these layers of time. His poetry remembers a forgotten past that stretches from Merseyside to London. Dimensions of nostalgia, reflective memories swept into surreal visions of places, faces and past times. It encapsulates the long gone feelings of children, innocence almost like the echoes of a past within the house and the gallery itself. There is a human spirituality within the environment the poetry laments to corridors of the past.

The exhibition by Taylor runs from 04 February 2007 – 10 February 2007.For further information contact:
Jo Derbyshire (Curator of Loft Space Project) on or 07946353251.

The ‘Loft Space’ curated by Jo Derbyshire continues with:

18 February 2007 – 24 February 2007
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