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The Library Project Launch – Review

Review by June Rose Hobson

Red Wire Gallery
The Library Project Launch
Guest Speaker Jo Derbyshire – Artist

On Thursday 26th July 2007 I accompanied artist Jo Derbyshire to the Red Wire Gallery at the Carlisle Building in Victoria Street, Liverpool. Jo was guest speaker at the launch of ‘The Library Project’. At the start of the evening we were treated to a tour of the artists studios were we viewed many very interesting works in progress, this is definitely a very talented group.

The gathering was well attended, and the event included a book swap (bring a book, choose a book), which proved to be very popular. They had a limited edition of their ‘In Context’ Zine, including artist profile and more. No doubt this will prove to be very popular in the future. Later there were introductory talks by Nic and Nick, who showed an enthusiasm and energy to communicate which was refreshing and commendable.

Jo then spoke about her artistic influences and motivations, locally, nationally, and internationally. Also recommending some local associations such as Transvoyeur, South Bohemia, and Headspace as worth checking out in the future, with possibility of future collaboration for exhibitions. Later there was time to socialise informally, and get an insight into other artists’ motivations and aspirations.

Overall, the Library Project was all about communication, and as such was very successful. An interesting group of artists, and an enjoyable evening.

June Rose Hobson