The Decay Series – Michael Kirby at Dot Art

Decay 1,2 and 3 by Michael Kirby
Decay 1,2 and 3 by Michael Kirby

A well-earned solo show by the very accomplished painter Michael Kirby opened this week at the Dot Art gallery.

These online images look quite photographic but in the flesh they are more painterly. You may recognise some of the decaying buildings but they’re not actually named, rather serving as examples of this blight.

Michael does some excellent portraits as well, I guess a portrait of me would be a good example of decay too!

Michael Kirby –  The Decay Series
25 January – 5 March 2010

dot-art’s first show of 2010 showcases the work of talented Liverpool artist Michael Kirby, who has produced a series of paintings, not just about decay as depicted literally in these works, but concerned with human decay, both physical and spiritual. Do we really think about the future, about death and what that means to us as individuals?

Old Men at an Auction by Michael Kirby
Old Men at an Auction by Michael Kirby


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