‘The City Is A Stage’ Review

ingridchristiequiggins.jpgReview of When the City Speaks – The City is a Stage on 30 June 2007.
Curated by Jo Derbyshire.
Written by Lucia Andrea Sweeney.
Photograph – Ingrid Christie
05 July 2007

Saturday 30 June 2007 artists from all around participated in ‘When the City Speaks – The City is a Stage’. Everyone met at the Fact Centre, Liverpool, England in the morning and their ventured out into the city to explore art in an urban context. The Curator, Jo Derbyshire, describes the days events:

‘Artists from around Liverpool and the surrounding districts came to contribute to the project. This was an open submission and artists from a range of contemporary art practices turned to up to engage in a Situationist initiative’.

Derbyshire further explains the objectives of the overall project:

‘When the City Speak’ comes from a series of previous projects of art in the urban space. This new direction is subthemed ‘The City is a Stage’. It uses the landscape and invites people to become a flaneur, a city walker, observing the banal and everyday interactions’.

‘Due to the alternative nature of the space explored and removed from the conventional concepts of a studio or gallery, the spontaneous nature of urban space with a fusion of activities all on the go, the project becomes more one of the concept and experience rather than the end piece produced by each artist. Similar, the art becomes a residue itself and an annotation of the artists experience in this research project of urban space’.

Writers, visual artists, musician and members of the public participated in the project. From the initial day of the ‘flaneur’ experience and collating research on the theme, the artists then had another twenty-four hours to finalise and finish their final piece.

The next stage of this programme is London in July 2007 and then Paris for August 2007.

An exhibition of the Liverpool collection of art produced will be from 10th August 2007 – 22nd August 2007 at the South Bohemia Gallery, Smithdown Road, Liverpool, England (http://www.freewebs.com/southbag).

If you are interested in contributing to the next stage in London email Derbyshire at aprilskies1204@aol.com

Further information can be viewed at: