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The Bold Street Project at FACT


The Bold Street Project by Katie Lips and Michelle Wren with tenantspin at FACT finishes on Sunday August 19 2007

Really all you need to know about this is on the bold street project blog
a very lively website which has been running since well before the exhibition in FACT.

The Street, the city, the world

In the context of a dramatically changing city, FACT has turned to its immediate location as a site through which to investigate the past, the present and the potential of the future. With traces of Liverpool’s whole social and economic history mapped onto it, Bold Street is a site of internationalism and independent trade where corporate prosperity resides hand-in-hand with personal poverty.

Developing work on our doorstep is not parochialism. It embraces the level at which we are physically located as a starting point for making work. BOLD will see us working with communities across Liverpool and worldwide to explore the social and economic relationships that drive our lives in a globally networked world.

This three-year project marks FACT’s continued commitment to finding new and meaningful ways for artists to work collaboratively with communities of interest.

In the media lounge at FACT is Michelle Wren’s well-crafted reconstruction of Bold Street with many amusing additions or amendments and with video and audio built into some of the shopfronts.
Meanwhile at home you can spend hours reading the blog, watching the videos, listening to the podcasts, looking at the flickr photos etc. etc. And you’re welcome to send in your own stories about the street.