The Big Shimmer Thrust at Cornerstone

Those-down-dark-days-230.jpgLisa Ashcroft – ‘The Big Shimmer Thrust’ at Cornerstone Gallery November 23 to December 21 2007.

This very interesting exhibition ends on Friday. Pictured here is ‘Those bad, down days you gave me in LaLa Land’ which is a good example of most of the work here. Although mainly paint on canvas there are a lot of 3D kitsch ornaments, sequins, glitter, beads etc. Jesus features quite a few times and other religious icons which may upset a few people, especially in this venue at Hope University but that’s ok.

Ashcroft is an exciting new voice using the language of British Pop Art and this solo exhibition lures the viewer with images that reflect the passion, honesty and personality of her practice. The paintings, prints and sculptures reflect the last ten years of her work

The seductive charm of the work is engaging, using ready-made materials – typically thought of as crass or garish – to create intricate and delicate works. Ashcroft merges urban culture and perception: the way we look at the world, building up an image of the whole from different fragments of travel (looking and reacting to culture) and humour (universal language).

The paintings go through a long process of rumination and re-working, embracing, yet challenging, aesthetic traditions and their critical interpretations. In the work, the impersonal physicality and the laborious and obsessive aspects of craft merge and each of the works proclaims its own objectiveness yet projects the poetic sensibility and self-referential gesture of the individual.