The Beatles – Behind the Scenes at CBS

paul-mccartney-cbs.jpgThe Beatles! Backstage and Behind the Scenes at CBS! at the Beatles Story Museum, Albert Dock. April 4 to August 14 2008

For some reason I’m fascinated by the footwear that Paul’s wearing in this picture. They’re all wearing them in some of the pictures, must be some standard issue backstage slippers or something.

Well, if you’re into the history of the fab four then I guess you ought to go and see this. There are quite a few pictures and they haven’t been on show in this country before. Quite apart from the subject matter they are mostly pretty good from an artistic or technical viewpoint too.

The only problem might be that you can only get to the exhibition by paying the entrance fee for the museum. Unlike most galleries we go to this is a commercial concern and relies on paying customers to continue. The Beatles Story has recently doubled in size to include the gallery and a large cafe as well as many extra Beatles-related exhibits.

Taken around the Beatles’ first North American appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the images are taken from the archives of CBS Television and Life photographer, Bill Eppridge. Previous to arriving in Liverpool the exhibition has been on show in Washington’s world famous Smithsonian Institute, where it was visited by over 3 million people!

By 1964, The Beatles were already a phenomenon in the UK both as musicians and songwriters. Add the visual element, made possible by television, and their US television debut on the Ed Sullivan Show became a cultural event shared by millions. The Beatles, who opened the show, sang All My Loving, ‘Till There Was You, She Loves You, I saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand. In the few minutes of that first performance they were watched by an estimated 73 million viewers, at the time a record for an American television audience.