The Art of Chocolate


chocolat-002 No surprise that the Chocolate Cellar shop was very busy today, lots of heart shaped chocolates selling well.

The chocolate cellar occupies the old Hanover Galleries building, many will remember the splendid exhibitions there when it really was a gallery. I’m sure there’s more profit in chocolate than art though and its a cafe too. There’s some amazing designs, obviously they’ll do stuff for weddings, parties etc. We had delicious hot chocolate.

Very pleased that their dark chocolate items are vegan too. I’m sure we’ll be calling in again from time to time. They have a branch near Hamilton Sq in Birkenhead as well.


  1. Looks delicious, will definitely be checking out when in Wallasey at the end of the month. I met this woman once in a room she had made entirely from chocolate – chairs, walls, everything! It was impressive but strangely not that appealing for the taste buds…

  2. Yes,the foodisart looks more like art than edibles.
    I like the smell of chocolate as you walk into the chocolate cellar.
    Definitely influenced by the film / book Chocolat


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