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Temple to the Sacred Automobile at St Lukes

Photos by Minako Jackson

Independents-logo-150Look out for this excellent installation in St Luke’s which is part of the Independents but should continue until Spring 2011. We saw the artist, Tony Phillips, making the sculpture on site several times in all weathers leading up to the launch but we only got to see the finished work last week.

Temple to the Sacred Automobile by Tony Phillips
St Luke’s (Bombed Out)  Church
25 September 2010 – Spring 2011
Open to the public Thursday to Sunday from 12.00 noon, weather permitting

Tony Phillips, last year’s artist-in-residence at the new Victoria Gallery and Museum – University of Liverpool, used objects from the Museum’s science collections to make a ‘shrine’ dedicated to life in the 20th century. The work at St Luke’s is a variation on this theme, in which sculpted and painted imagery is combined to give the impression of the relics of a sacred site venerating the Deity of the Motorcar – promoting an objective assessment of our relationship with the car.

Concurrently with this work, the related pages from the Sacred Auto Text ( illustrated ‘Bible’ ) will be on show at the artist’s Shrine to the Twentieth Century, which remains in the Tate Hall at the Victoria Gallery and Museum until the end of the year.