Taming Smoke at Liverpool Cathedral

All Photos © Minako Jackson

Independents-logo-150Taming Smoke by Amanda Griffiths
at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in the Lady Chapel
4 – 29 September 2010
A collection of smoke fired ceramics with drawings, paintings and photographs to show the underlying creative practice.

A very well presented show by Amanda Griffiths who is completing her MA in Creative Practice at Hope University and whose Great Grandfather worked as a stone mason on the building of the cathedral. I enjoyed looking through her journals, she has done an amazing amount of research, visiting many art, craft and sculpture shows and making sketches to formulate ideas.

The ceramics themselves suit the space very well looking quite strong but delicate at the same time and interesting use of different materials and I like the way they have been displayed in the Lady Chapel by the windows depicting Noble Women.





  1. Hello Amanda … You and I have something in common. My Great Grandfather, Charles Dalrymple Kelly, was contracted as a Stonemason and Sculpture for the Lady’s Chapel in the Anglican. He originally came from Wigtown in Inverness in Scotland with my Grandmother, Evelyn, and the rest of their family. He had been commissioned for several large architectural sites. If it is any help for your research please let me know, because my first cousins to my father’s eldest brother I believe some of the earlier drawing for sculptural designs of my Great Grandfather and these maybe of some relevance to the Cathedral project? So, please email me if this is of any relevance for historical reference material and I will try to put you in touch with one of them to view these for research? They are very old and go back to the history and construction of the Cathedral and Lady’s Chapel. Also, for another point of reference on sculptural research all stonemasons leave their marks somewhere within the area they have worked, so this maybe something of interest for you to locate your own Great Grandfathers. Good luck with your research and show. Please do not hesitate to contact me? All the best, Gaynor. (Wow! Small world! Love it!)

  2. PS: I am now London based, but I can put in contact with my cousins who you could consult with to view his drawings and designs from his stonemasonary. Again, good luck and wish you well with all you do.
    With regards

  3. PPS: Sculptural work is something that runs in my family. I did it in my earlier practice and a qualified welder to pursue metal sculpture work, but I shifted to live art and new media. My eldest sister (as Ian is aware) has entered into sculptural projects herself. Ian is cool and I am sure with his knowledge of the city and history of Liverpool he could advice further as well to your research. Anyway, do not hesitate to email me if you need any further information, such as the original drawings from my GGF.
    All the best


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