Tales from the Plaza: Review by Tony Knox


Tales from the Plaza: Review by Tony Knox
Images by Tony Knox
Poster design: Stephan

Tales from the Plaza was on Thursday 17th April 2008, a special one night only screening of Liverpool Stories a video broadcasting website, that shows series of shorts films that capture snippets of life in Liverpool.
This was an inspirational move to see the shorts on the large silver screen accompanied with Musicians for the opening and end of the night’s events.

As I walked into the 1930 art deco venue The Plaza Community Cinema it was like revisiting my childhood, through the door the magic was apparent the small ticket booth that reminded me of an old railway station, a figure of a Middle aged ticket collector there was no facelift of the multiplexes here at the far reaches of Liverpool a stones throw from the beach of Waterloo which stretches right along the coast past Crosby, to the permanent home of Antony Gormley’s Another Place.

The context in which the films are normally viewed was dramatically improved in the comfort of a cinema seat, as the films where statically broken up by musicians, this added that live feel to the evening, Nouveau Jango a 1930 Jazz influenced style band opened up the night with their live set feeding effortlessly into a short film by Tim Brunsden featuring the band.
to get a taste of there music go to.
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The Award winning Sefton Film Maker Tim Brunsden, was humble in his short speech, and I sense that Brunsden preferred to be on the other side of the camera capturing the moments behind Liverpool stories.
Liverpool stories is the Brainchild of Brunsden, he collaborates with other film makers on some of the films as a part of a team, The subject matter of the film is a diversity of stories from a Ice cream shopkeeper who was passionate about opening the public toilet to the level that he is willing to open and maintain them himself and keep them spick and span for the visitors to the area.


Another short is Boxing Clever a commissioned film that looks at the ways amateur boxing clubs have an social impact on the youth and interview boxing coach Sid Sladankay who pull no punches in being straight to the point, to give an outlet to the youth of Liverpool to learn boxing, this is a honest depiction of peer pressure and the struggle of growing up in the inner city. The evening intermission passed and was followed by the screening of the adventures of MothMan From the basement of a building to the roof tops of Liverpool are invaded by the golden figure as he looks down on the iconic skyline of the city.

Symphony of Bells a cacophony of bells rang out across the city from different locations to mark the 800th anniversary of Liverpool was a mesmerising piece Filmed by Markus Soukup, Sam Meech, Tim Brunsden, Steve Clarkson.

To draw the evening to a close was Chris Hockenhull live set, he claims to have co written an unfinished bob Dylan song armed with a guitar he gave his version, the melody to this song that may have been lost in time, if not Hockenhull’s passion to set it free on the world as the projected background scenes of Liverpool dwarfed the lone figure playing to the audience. This was followed into a short film where Hockenhull was mentoring college students to perform live versions of Dylan songs at the Plaza from last year. You seen images of the audience walking in the foyer of the plaza to the night time street of Waterloo. A strong element that worked with the night was the films reverenced venue and the live acts. This night was a collaboration a successful experiment between Tim Brunsden and The Plaza Community Cinema.


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