Surreal Sound Performance in St John’s Shopping Centre


The Hive Collective – Twilight City Event – ‘Shopping Remixed’ at St John’s Shopping Centre and the BBC Big Screen. Saturday 12 July 2008

What a weird and wonderful event this was. Members of Hive and Noise Club wandered around the shopping centre interacting with the shops, shoppers and anything else to make noise. Turning the precinct into one big electronic noise machine.

The musicians wore red suits with the message ‘We Are Sound’ on the back and declared to everyone who took part that ‘You Are Sound’.

The high pitched notes were a bit too much for some people who dashed past with fingers in ears but many others joined in and asked what it was all about.

There was also some very nice ambient music being fed through the speakers all around the centre.


Meanwhile on the nearby BBC Big Screen there was film of the event with the strange sounds attracting the attention of passers-by.

A truly interactive event.

hive-2.jpg hive-3.jpg