‘Sugar’ – Williamson Square


‘Sugar’ Live music and dance performance. Williamson Square, Liverpool. Sunday July 8 2007

There are still a lot of people out there saying that the Liverpool Culture Company doesn’t do anything. Despite the fact that I’m constantly posting stuff here that has been commissioned, funded, promoted, supported or involvement in some way from the 08 teams.

One complaint I have had is that some events have been so swamped with 08 flags, banners, logos and stewards in big yellow jackets that its been difficult to see much.
This event went to the opposite extreme with zero information, I reckon about 90% of the crowd that stopped to watch didn’t have a clue who was performing or that it was organised by Culture Co.

The show itself was brilliant. Though I have eclectic taste in music and love contemporary dance I admit that hip-hop, breakdancing etc. have never been my thing but I was mesmerised for half an hour as the dancers blended in more subtle dance and even balletic moves and the singers – one English and one French vocalised the narrative about the history of the slave trade and its link to sugar in both Liverpool and Marseille.

SUGAR was commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Company as part of the Liverpool’s preparations for the European Capital of Culture 2008.

Over the past year 6 dancers, 2 rappers and a DJ from Liverpool and Marseille have come together to explore the contemporary reality of port cities. Under the direction of Rachael Swain from Australia, and with vibrant choreography from Serge- Aimé Coulibaly from Burkina Faso, SUGAR fuses contemporary dance with hip hop and break dance to provide an outdoor spectacular for all ages. Liverpool’s own The Mak of All Trades (myspace – have a listen to ‘Soundin English’) provides the original music.

They will be performing again at the Hub Festival next weekend so look out for it.

Sat 14/Sun 15 July 2007 HUB Festival, Otterspool Promenade 12.00 and 17.30