Sue Milburn at JMU

minmartin.jpgtarget by Sue Milburn
John Moores University are selling off the art school building at 68 Hope St. along with a few other old buildings to raise the money to build a large new art & design centre. Apparently some staff are campaigning against this move but if I worked there I’d be glad to see the back of it. Its a dump and really impractical for today’s needs. Of course it looks splendid from the outside, its a bit of a tourist attraction as John Lennon studied there and I think was one of the first purpose built art colleges. But that was about 180 years ago. They could spend a few million upgrading it but it will never be big enough, students are split across several sites and they’re all just as bad or worse.

Anyway I was there on Friday night to see a new solo exhibition by Sue Milburn entitled ‘Ours For Keeps’. Sue likes to experiment with colour and form producing evocative and expressive abstract and abstracted imagery. Some look like seascapes or landscapes. She also often breaks the painting up into small squares, each one in different colours and line shapes. Sue has been a practicing artists in Liverpool for 10 years now and has built up a good body of work and this is a Red-Dot exhibition.

Friends Martin and Minako seem to be performing a bit of abstract expressionism too!

‘Ours For Keeps’ by Sue Milburn at JMU 68 Hope St until November 18th 2005 – Open Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00


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