Success for Pavement Art on Bold Street


I really enjoyed taking part in the judging of the first James Carling Pavement Art Competition off Bold St on Saturday. It was just a shame that the short rain shower had caused some damage to some of the pictures and also made it difficult for the artists to continue.

Along with Peter Dover from Hope Uni and Phil Redmond, I was judging the main James Carling award which went to Terry Kane, £300 and a lovely trophy donated by Editions for the painting above.
The runner-up was Alan Murray, There was also the Adrian Henri award judged by Catherine Marcangeli and Mike McCartney, a Peoples Choice Prize and a Little Chalkers Children’s Prize.

The overall standard was pretty high, especially considering few if any of the artists had done this sort of thing before, its a lot different from brushes on canvas.

There was a good atmosphere and the event created a lot of genuine interest from the public.

Maybe this will now be an annual event, various organisations worked together to make it happen including Scottie Press, Open Culture and of course the pavement artist specialists Urban Canvas.