Stuart Sutcliffe at the Cornerstone

Stuart Sutcliffe Painting“People let us give our soul to our work and let us work with our heart for our cause – and – love what we love – To love what we love!!!”
So said Stuart Sutcliffe (a.k.a. The 5th Beatle). This exhibition at Hope University’s Cornerstone gallery is of several of Sutcliffe’s works reproduced by 5athegallery and Supervisions with permission from Stuart’s sisters Pauline and Joyce. I must admit I had low expectations, I’d only seen a couple of his abstracts before, he was only 21 when he died, still a student after all and spending so much of his time playing with the Beatles or their predecessors.

But it all looked rather good to me. I like the small mixed media entitled ‘Elvis Presley’ which Supervisions have printed onto glass so it looks like a stained glass picture and the series of mainly blue abstracts. Also the montages of his sketches are nice.
This also seems to be an exhibition of the range of printing techniques available from Supervision (via 5athegallery). There’s prints on glass, stretched canvas, vinyl, brushed steel and a PVC banner. Very nice frames too and plenty of information about Stuart and the pictures which include some photographs of him. Prints can be ordered on a material of your choice from 5athegallery in St Helens.
The exhibition ends on September 23rd, take a look now before the place is packed out with students.