Steve des Landes at View Two

c. Steve des Landes
c. Steve des Landes

Steve des Landes Recent Paintings at View Two
6 February – 6 March 2010

The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Howard Smith, Steve’s friend who died in January 2010. Howard and his goats feature in several of the paintings inspired by Steve’s annual trips to the farm in Caithness.

They are mostly recent paintings and the artist’s first exhibition since a solo show at the Walker in 1997. He is based on the Wirral and he has been busy with commissions and sculptures in the meantime.

Some of the landscapes in particular are reminiscent of Paul Nash, some are quite quirky or slightly humourous even though the people portrayed look rather glum.

It’s a good and popular show which has been extended to 6 March.

c. Steve des Landes
c. Steve des Landes


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