Stephen Hughes at Open Eye

There was a donkey on Bold St. last night! Honestly. I don’t have a picture to prove it just yet. Anyway, people were trying to drag it down the street to officially re-open the newly refurbished Lotus Room shop but it was being suitably stubborn, perhaps it didn’t like the incense. Must be a celebrity donkey.

Meanwhile over on Wood St., Open Eye had the viewing of their photographic exhibition of the latest works by Stephen Hughes.
Here’s the blurb….
Hughes has worked across Europe and America photographing places and people that seem to exist on the fringes of the urban and natural landscapes. Imbued with a mysterious, filmic, dream-like quality his photographs ask us to question what is happening within them and what might happen next.

That sums it up nicely, I like the one pictured here. The list of works is just a list of places e.g. ‘South of Lourdes, France’, ‘Buffalo, USA’, ‘Taranto, Italy’ etc.
Runs until September 24th.


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