Stage One: The Drawing House at Wolstenholme Sq.

Isabel Wharton & Pria Bhamra
Isabel Wharton & Pria Bhamra

Another very short but very good exhibition at 11 Wolstenholme Square celebrates drawing. Its a group show with some of the artists being recent Manchester School of Art graduates and curated by Wolstenholne’s Emma Jean Kemp.

It finishes on Monday so do try and call in before then and do a ‘spooky’ artwork of your own whilst you are there.

Stage ONE: the drawing house
Wolstenholme Projects

30 October – 2 November 2009

This exhibition focuses on the importance of drawing in exercising the creative mind and communicating ideas; whether it be in pencil, ink, or watercolour, or on paper, envelopes, or the wall. As part of the exhibition there will be a Spooky Corner in which people are invited to share their images of Halloween, by exploring their own creativity with drawing.  Our in-house ghosts will provide you with all the invisible ink and pumpkin juice you shall need!
There are several stages to making creative work, the first being inspiration and ideas.  Traditionally, artists use drawing to explore ideas and begin the creative process: either by drawing from life or processing ideas onto paper.  This skill is increasingly ignored in fine art courses, as people turn to developing ideas in their head or in words. This exhibition is to remind us of its importance.