Soup at Egg

'Celestial Interior' by Jacqueline F Kerr
'Celestial Interior' by Jacqueline F Kerr
'Little Zebras' by May Chong
'Little Zebras' by May Chong

This fine show at Egg ends on 31 October. Compared to most recent shows at Egg which have crammed in over 100 pieces, this exhibition actually leaves some walls blank. There’s still plenty there though and all good stuff by this very active collective of local artists.

‘Soup’  at Eggspace
9 – 31 October 2009

‘Soup’ is the name of a collective of contemporary artists working in diverse artistic disciplines who are all employees with Tate Liverpool. The group also represents leading studios in the city. With Representatives from Red Wire Studio, Elevatior Artists Studios and Arena Studios Gallery, the work features a range of medias – printmaking, painting, ceramics, sculpture and photography.

Exhibiting artists:
Michael Aitken, May Chong, Jenny Collins, Ruth Edwards, Katie Halsall, Rachel Harding, Tifany Kendall, Jackie Kerr, Adam Vaughan, Louise Waller and Roz Vallejo


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