Simon Mack at The Gallery Liverpool


The full title of the exhibition which ends this Friday 16 July 2010 is ‘0-10 : Primarni Nation’ and is full of references to popular culture and consumer items which I’m afraid I’m not familiar with. But despite my lack of knowledge I can appreciate it is a very well assembled show. A great deal of thought and effort has gone into the painting and assemblage of each piece. Everyday items such as shoes, babies dummies, cd covers and replica guns are finely painted and grouped together to make a statement – the titles can often give a clue and here is Simon Mack’s exhibition statement which explains in more detail…

“this solo show is to celebrate my tenth year of exhibiting on Merseyside, London ,and twice last year in Berlin. The

central themes of power, malaise + control in society have remained constant since 2000 to present , and will no doubt continue into my 2nd decade.. “0.10” was the title used by Kazimir Malevich to exhibit his work in Moscow in 1915, and this show is dedicated to his pioneering art + vision for a better new world.

in this exhibition – i invite people to consider the motives for :

status, power, money, control, religion, consumerism, avarice

the glitz/surface, motives + belief systems of a largely secular contemporary society .

why do the majority continue to be attracted to shiny objects and their perceived aspirational worth : ? What is the cost of cheap and to whom ? what motivates us towards such objects of desire? has the need for status, wealth or beauty represented by gold +silver fetish objects actually altered much over the centuries ? “I want a new Prada bag”, “I want an AK-47”, “I want a limited edition crucifix”… all can be bought quite freely either on-line or via the black market. What is YOUR belief system + fetish object of desire ?

gold, silver, copper, money, god, queen, country, freedom, modernism, nihilism, self

mtv, x-factor, I pod, RBS, WMD, LFC, gucci, prada, chanel,

buddha, seneca, voltaire, barthes, de beauvoir, sarte, derrida, duchamp,fromm, marx,

hirst, koons, saatchi

this exhibition continues my use of the readymade ,the mass produced item, found objects, aerosols, canvas , gaffa tape + whatever is relevant to the message.

brutal , delicate, plastic , imperfect”

Simon Mack-2010

‘0-10 Primarni Nation’ An Exhibition by Simon Mack
at The Gallery Liverpool
3 July – 16 July 2010