Sikhs In Print at St George’s Hall


Sikhs in Print – Exhibition of historical images from the Singh Twin Studio archive – April 24 to June 20 2008
St George’s Hall Exhibition Room, 3rd Floor
Open Tues – Sun 10.00 – 17.00. Free Admission

An unusual one for me this. As you know, I try to avoid religion as much as possible and heritage isn’t really my thing either. But there I was on St George’s Day in the Heritage Centre listening to the bishop of Liverpool – The Rt Rev James Jones opening this exhibition curated by the Singh Twins celebrating the shared British Sikh Heritage.

I do like some of the old artwork, all reprints as the originals are kept in a secure place and reading about the creation of the Sikh Kingdom of Punjab and the history of its rulers is interesting. The arts were very highly valued under Sikh rule.

The twins have been collecting Sikh artwork, prints etc. since they were post-graduate students and this is only a small sample of their archive.

This exhibition of historical imagery offers a fascinating view of how the Sikh community has been depicted in print from the mid 19th to the mid 20th century.


It comprise a unique collection of material sourced from the Twin Studio Sikh Print Archive, which covers a range of printed formats from newspapers, book engravings and magazine illustrations to postcards, photographs, posters and memorabilia.

Singh Twins:
Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail:

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