Showcase of UCLAN degree shows 2008


Showcase of UCLAN degree shows 2008
photos and text Tony Knox

This is to showcase some of the highlights the UCLAN 2008 Degree shows based in Preston, as the new academic year is upon us, here are some of the artists to look out for in 2008.

(Top Right) John Appleby digital drawing of animals were one of my favourites of the show,
(Top Left) one to look out for Birkenhead’s Katie Hanratty she is currently one of the collaborates on the Mothman Comic book launched Liverpool Biennial 2008.
(Right) Painter Darren Beatty demonstrates why painting is very much in vogue
(Middle) Stuart Hodgson video of himself as Alvin Stardust performed a set in a local public house under the title Simultaneous Transitions.
(Middle left) Debbie Greenway Award winning illustrator next to her artwork.
Paula Brough Heinzman features the Danish underground as a backdrop for her film,
(Middle) Amy Thackeray portraits
(Far Left) Amy Connolly stills and Video from several abandoned mental asylums in the uk the stills where stunning.
(Bottom left) Wayne Hill : robot panting machine,
(Bottom right) Lucy Finnigan installation of a walk though wardrobe that leads into the a lady bedroom that echoes of a child, who doesn’t want to grow up, inspired by CS Lewis the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.