Short Spring Open at Egg Cafe


Seems to me these exhibitions curated by Headspace are getting better all the time. They’ve been running for a few years now and obviously learnt a thing or two, even the printed list of works has a well-designed¬† map on it which is useful when there’s about 60 works by 30 artists spread over the various sections of the cafe.

Really the only problem is that this is a cafe not a gallery so its not easy getting a good look at the work when the place is full of diners. Nevertheless it does enhance the dining experience and probably gets the works a lot more viewings than if they were in a gallery.

Short Spring Open at Egg
1 – 17 May 2009
A group exhibition featuring over 30 artists.  Curated by HeadSpace

Participating artists:
Eloise Alsop, Aphrodite Art, Jason Bold, Lee Booth, Carlcbd, Peter Collins, Bill Corris, Robert Flynn, Paul Francis, Katriana Gillanders, Helene Gilmour, Kim-Marie Hernandez, Consuelo Giorgi, Sean Gittens, James Goodchild, Karen Henley, Janet Holmes, Ethan Hunter, Violetta Jara, Nick Jones, Ryan Jones, Gill McDonough, Paulette Mckoy, Eli Pascall-Willis, Mark Peachey, Nathan Pendelbury, Lucy Ridges, Dave Rothwell, Carolyn Sinclair, Jazamin Sinclair, Ruta Staseviciute, Jackie Stevens and Natalie Williamson

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