Short Spring Open at Egg Cafe


Seems to me these exhibitions curated by Headspace are getting better all the time. They’ve been running for a few years now and obviously learnt a thing or two, even the printed list of works has a well-designed  map on it which is useful when there’s about 60 works by 30 artists spread over the various sections of the cafe.

Really the only problem is that this is a cafe not a gallery so its not easy getting a good look at the work when the place is full of diners. Nevertheless it does enhance the dining experience and probably gets the works a lot more viewings than if they were in a gallery.

Short Spring Open at Egg
1 – 17 May 2009
A group exhibition featuring over 30 artists.  Curated by HeadSpace

Participating artists:
Eloise Alsop, Aphrodite Art, Jason Bold, Lee Booth, Carlcbd, Peter Collins, Bill Corris, Robert Flynn, Paul Francis, Katriana Gillanders, Helene Gilmour, Kim-Marie Hernandez, Consuelo Giorgi, Sean Gittens, James Goodchild, Karen Henley, Janet Holmes, Ethan Hunter, Violetta Jara, Nick Jones, Ryan Jones, Gill McDonough, Paulette Mckoy, Eli Pascall-Willis, Mark Peachey, Nathan Pendelbury, Lucy Ridges, Dave Rothwell, Carolyn Sinclair, Jazamin Sinclair, Ruta Staseviciute, Jackie Stevens and Natalie Williamson

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