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Shoot Nations at Slavery Museum


A nice little photo exhibition tucked in the corner of the International Slavery Museum

Shoot Nations 17 January – 28 June 2009 at the International Slavery Museum is a collection of images selected from Shoot Nations 2008 in which competitors aged between 11 and 24 tackled the subject ‘Young People in a Changing Climate’.

The aim of the project is to build a global picture of how climate change is affecting young people across the planet, how they can act to slow the change and adapt to inevitable future changes.

The colourful images show people and places ranging from sunny beaches and dusty roads to wet grey days and lush uplands.

Shoot Nations is the result of a partnership between Plan, the international children’s charity, and Shoot Experience, a photographic events company. The competition received more than 1,300 images from 104 countries over a 12-week period.

Entrants were asked to enter images expressing their feelings on the following three briefs: How is climate change affecting your life? Act now – be the change! Your world in the future.

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