Shoot Liverpool at Tate

tate-bday.jpgI think we missed all the exciting stuff around the Tate’s 20th birthday. I was there today late afternoon to help judge the Shoot Liverpool photo competition and saw some children’s activities going on in this tent and in the ground floor gallery but apart from that the Albert dock was just as usual – very busy though.

The Shoot Liverpool thing was fun and it was a pleasure to work with the guys from London again as I had done this time last year.

Also same as last year the early morning weather threatened a washout but it brightened up just as the teams started on their quest to find the answers to the clues. Lots of really good, clever and amusing pictures arrived in the evening.

I won’t announce the winners here yet, I’ll leave that to the Shoot Experience people first as they have full details. I’m sure they’ll be back next year again.

There’ll be an exhibition of some or maybe all the photos in Tate Liverpool opening on Tuesday May 20th 2008.