Sheer Sliver at Ceri Hand Gallery

Sheer Sliver  c. Samantha Donnelly
Sheer Sliver c. Samantha Donnelly

Samantha Donnelly: Sheer Sliver
13 November – 20 December 2009
at Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool

There is a detailed statement about Samantha’s work on the exhibition listing. I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the references – Simon Schama’s interpretation of The Ecstasy of St Theresa (1644-1647, Gian Lorenzo Bernini) in the BBC TV series The Power of Art – but never mind, it didn’t stop me enjoying the show.

I like the small assemblages of found objects, photographs, clips, wire etc. and the 86cm circles on the floor which may or may not have been drawn by what looks a floor-based drawing machine that no longer moves. She seems to like hands, they appear in several works. Its the sort of exhibition that you can linger over and view from all angles and come away still wondering.

sheer-sliver-2 sheer-sliver-3


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