Sharon Mutch at Blackburne House

green genesis by Sharon MutchCoffee in the Blackburne House cafe this morning, it was raining and its nearer Jackson Towers than my usual haunts. An exhibition by Sharon Mutch opened here last week and runs till the end of October. Sharon is based at the Granary Studios in Knowsley Park (I must take a look there sometime) , studied Fine Art Printmaking at MMU and has exhibited at various galleries including Open Eye.
Her principal subject is the female form and she combines traditional print methods with digital manipulation and encapsulates the final artwork in acrylic. I’ve seen quite a few works printed onto glass or acrylic lately and I quite like the effect the only worry being that the wall behind the piece needs to be clean and white or at least plain. They wouldn’t look right with chintzy wallpaper showing through.
I like these, there are some nice effects with colour that creates an interesting atmosphere. There’s some nice leaflets available too, dotted round the cafe they could be mistaken for menus and you can see more of Sharon’s work on her excellent website.

At Blackburne House (cafe/bar) until October 31st 2005.


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