Sefton Park has been signed

Andrew Holmes: ‘Light Signatures’ project began tonight. The Palm House website currently gives a good description of what it’s all about:

“The work takes its inspiration from the eight Victorian statues arranged around the Palm House – John Parkinson, Christopher Columbus, Charles Darwin, Andre Le Notre, Linnaeus, Captain James Cook, Gerardus Mercator and Henry the Navigator — all explorers and pioneers noted for their discovery and classification of the natural world. It consists of projections of the signatures of the 8 figures at 4 locations around the park.”

So now the parade field outside my window has the signatures of John Parkinson and Andre Le Notre projected from Brompton House. The words are very bright and look particularly good in the midnight darkness. If you stare at them for long enough they begin to disappear, like ink drying. They’re going to be in place for twelve months and one night I’m definitely going to walk the perimeter of the park to see them all, at least at ground level.

[John Davies gives further background on the selection process here.]


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