Seaside Suburbia and ‘Another Place’

‘I love your body darling …’‘Seaside Suburbia and ‘Another Place’ by Antony Gormley’
by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney (July 2005)
Photograph by Tony Knox

gormley + ges imageMy lover is but flesh and bone and if I decide by his mere corporeal measure, how do I equate his margins to my own. Sex, sexual or sexuality, each determined by perceptions on the boundaries of flesh. Flesh delineated by societal conventions and inherited predilections. The body. Here Gormley has mass produced himself, metalised self portraiture, sculptures which pervade the horizon on a North West of England beach. A provisional region of suburbia, ‘darling, we have a house by the sea side’.

Middleclass sensitivities modified to the acceptability of ‘but it is art!’ The ghostly figures, multiple, the form of a naked male, the metal exposed to the elements of the salt air and corrosion visible. The imperfections whether from the original casting to the oxidisation by the salt air imbue the differentiation in each of us. Britain a multi cultural society, protestations of politic correctness, assertions of diversity but one nation, such modified in accordance with our own preference.

Yet, I have a choice of Gormley’s to select, explore within lascivious intent and I wonder as I kiss his cold lips and taste the salt and rust whether I am one of the seaside residents, critical of everything and everyone else in my social status, but my measures of sex and sexuality actually structured on pure titillation, my abode my castle and kingdom, clandestine, while I fornicate with multiplicity and hypocracy. How to be British!

This installation by Gormley is exceptional and offers a different
experience for each individual who visits it. For further information on Gormley, please visit