Searching for Zoe at Museum MAN

zoepostcards.jpgLiverpool sunset image
I like collecting postcards but only in a half-hearted way and I threw out all my old ones a few years ago. They are a good reminder of places visited not just by me but by friends and family and in most cases are better quality than the average holiday snaps that most of us take with our cheap cameras with ice-cream on the lenses and sand inside the workings.
So well done Zoe Freeman who has not only been collecting postcards for over 25 years but organising them into scrap books and albums. They are all on show at Museum MAN for the next few days along with some of her own photographs. Almost exclusively UK cards, the majority are of Northern towns and, of course, there’s a lot of Liverpool. More recent ones can be viewed on the walls in the hallway and include a collection of the postcard-type flyers for local art exhibitions (including this one)

You get a lovely view from MAN as well, the sunset is one of my pics not a postcard.


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