Sarah Lucas at Tate Liverpool

self portrait with fried eggs. Copyright Sarah LucasI went to the private viewing of Sarah Lucas’s Retrospective at Liverpool Tate last night and was a bit disappointed. I had to queue for ages for the privilege of buying a few overpriced drinks drinks. But also, I thought I would have enjoyed the exhibition more. I do like her work but maybe its more the ideas that she comes up with rather than seeing the thing itself which appeals to me.
You see, I hate meat, I hate fried eggs, I hate cigarettes and, of course, I hate Arsenal. So what does that leave? Oh yes, sex. Well I thought I really liked that but now I’m not so sure, her first solo exhibition was titled ‘Penis nailed to a Board’ so that gives you a clue to the sort of thing. I like that Lucas is challenging stereotypes, especially gender-based stereotypes and that she’s provocative and confrontational but again, being a bit of a wimp, I prefer to see the images in the glossy magazines and read about them in books by Mathew Collings because close up those mattresses look really gross, stained as they are with juice from fruit and veg. Also the fried eggs have to be replaced with new ones by the Tate kitchen staff every so often as they go rotten.
There is a lot of anthropomorphising involved with her works (Here’s an old joke. Don’t anthropomorphise things, they don’t like it!).
Obviously you have to go and see it. There’s a lot packed into the top floor rooms. Although still referred to as a Young British Artist, she’s in her 40s and been around a while to build up a good body of work. I just felt like I needed a shower afterwards.
Sarah Lucas at Tate Liverpool until January 15th 2006. Link


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