Sally Booth in Residence at the Bluecoat


On Saturday, as part of the ‘How Do They Make It?’ event at the Bluecoat, Sally Booth had an open studio and exhibited some of the results of her 3 month residency which finishes at the end of this week.

She is pictured here in front of some of the photographs she has taken of the splendid studio windows and below are some of her drawings onto wood but she also does a lot of drawings onto sheets of acetate as she likes to work with transparencies. She’s experimented with hanging the sheets in front of each other to make a 3D effect. There’s a great one of the Bluecoat garden (its difficult to photograph well though).

You can see more of her work on her website which also has a video giving more details of her work with transparencies on her biog page and there videos of her sketches of people on the local buses on youtube.

From the website


Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary residency at the Bluecoat 1st February – 1st May 2009

As a visual artist usually based in London, the opportunity to spend 3 months away concentrating on my own practice in a city as visually and culturally stimulating as Liverpool was an exciting prospect.

The scene was set from the beginning with a rather surreal and magical initiation to the city. I arrived to a day of horizontal snow and when I ventured out to try and find the Mersey in what seemed like a bit of a blizzard, I felt as if I was walking through a still from a New York movie or a Whistler painting. The Liver Building was veiled by impossibly giant snowflakes and the river and usually distinctive skyline were almost invisible and indistinguishable from each other. This theme has continued through my residency with an interest in making work that explores transparency and obscurity.