‘S & M’ at Museum MAN

Colins caravansue milburn

Don’t worry – the S&M are Serjent and Milburn. The two artists have covered all four walls (two walls each and the back of the door) of a room with a collection of their photographs. The room is in the Museum MAN which is on the top floor of 48 Rodney St. Its not the most accessible of places, the Director, Adam Nankervis has been away a lot lately but is now ‘at home’ for a lengthy spell.
The two artists are skilled photographers but this is a mixture of professional pictures of music gigs, landscapes, portraits with so-called snapshots of events during their lives. There’s some pictures of them during childhood and their families but its not presented as a life story, the pictures don’t appear to be in any chronological order.
It is a bit like looking through a large family album but I enjoyed it more than many of the photo exhibitions I’ve been to. A lot of the images trigger memories from my own past and its fun trying to work out the relationships and relevance of some.
Contact Adam Nankervis to arrange a visit 0151- 703 0569
or 0789 169 5577