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Royal Standard’s Sale at 08 Place

There’s a Sale at the 08 Place in Whitechapel but don’t worry it’s not another attempt to clear out the last of the 08 cufflinks, badges, keyrings etc. This is the sale of artwork that Royal Standard hosted at the beginning of this year and it is good to see it again in this venue. There is some good, interesting stuff at very reasonable prices.

Comics by David Blandy
Comics by David Blandy

Royal Standard presents ‘SALE’ at 08 Place
11 October – 20 November 2009
SALE is an ongoing and ever changing stock of hundreds of artworks selected by The Royal Standard from the most exciting emerging and more established artists across the UK and beyond including a vibrant arrays of paintings, sculpture, drawing, film, intervention and photography. Here we present a selection of our stock, priced up and ready to go at 08 Place (Tourist Information Centre), Whitechapel, Liverpool.

SALE presents constant special offers that will tempt you into buying that ‘must have’ artwork with prices from a few pounds to a few thousand, fluctuating throughout the show as artist’s profiles soar and dive. We promise to pass reductions straight on to our customers –so it’s up to you to buy when the price is right.

Adam Goodge, Andrew Bracey, David Blandy, Hannah Waldron, Harry Lawson, Hayley Lock, Helen Barf, Katherine Lloyd, Lowprofile, Mick Gill, Mike Carney, Nick White, Nick Williams, Phil Disley, Sam Rees, Sam Venables, Stephen Forge

Remember, when it’s gone it’s gone!

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