RoundUp – MAN, South Bohemia and Splash!

marc paetzold
I have a bit of a backlog of places I’ve visited lately so here’s a quick 3-in-1 review.
On Saturday night, I avoided the fireworks and went to Museum MAN. Two German artists are here for a short while. Oil painter Marc Paetzold has an interesting style, often quite detailed figures in the foreground with an very vague unfinished background.
Susanne Roewer is a sculptor and designer, she has some mixed media works hanging on the wall, a mix of fabric and vinyl I think and a sculpture which looks a bit like a skateboard with a head stuck in it.

joe thompson
Yesterday, I took one of my irregular trips out to Smithdown Road to catch up on events in the Greenbank area. I didn’t get as far as Urban Coffee but I know that Iain Jackson’s exhibition has been extended until at least the end of November. I should state again that this is another Iain Jackson, not me, I can spell Ian correctly.
The works at South Bohemia change quite frequently, currently there’s a few well-crafted oil paintings by Joe Thompson who likes to portray social issues. The picture here is an interpretation of the hard drugs scene and its victims. Of course, there’s still a good selection of Michelle Campbell’s popular Faery paintings, prints and cards.

Then just round the corner (but far enough to get completely soaked in the rain, thank you) in Greenbank Road opposite Tesco’s is a new Art & Crafts shop called Splash! It opened just a week ago and is owned by local artist Deb Butler. As well as supplying all the usual art and crafts materials, greetings card and fluffy toys there are jewellery cabinets and space on the walls for original paintings by local artists. I will be posting full details in the Gallery Listings section of the website soon.