Rotunda Pavilion Opens in Kirkdale


The first of the 3 Biennial Pavilions opened on Saturday at the Rotunda centre in Great Mersey Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool.

There were a lot of people there enjoying the rain-free afternoon, the indoor / outdoor market, music, face-painting etc.

The Liverpool Giant, Jude, was overseeing things too.

I suppose this pavilion is best described as a Folly. Its made from metal mesh which has rusted, plants are growing up the inside forming a vertical garden. You can walk inside, maybe a nice space for a picnic.

Rotunda has been working with internationally acclaimed Landscape Architects Gross Max to develop a strip of derelict land adjacent to their building into a community garden. The gardens are divided into two parts: one with the Folly and vertical garden.


The second part has been divided into ‘Bar Code’ garden strips of varying widths, which will be tended by community groups throughout the year creating a multi-textured environment for the whole community to enjoy. At the moment its quite bare but there are signs showing which plants will be growing there.
Its quite a large area which should look really nice once the wildflowers etc. come up.

The Rotunda itself is a big old terraced property (with a Winter Lights Cat on the side) housing a community college which as far as I can tell will continue as normal providing free, flexible and accessible education and training for adults.